Powell Replacement Circuit Breakers
  • Eliminate the obsolete air magnetic technology in your system
  • Accommodate larger electrical distribution systems and protect your equipment
  • Cut maintenance costs by up to 90% and avoid costly downtime
  • Reduce the failures caused by normal wear and aging of contacts, mechanisms, and dielectric deterioration of primary bushings and arc chutes
  • Are manufactured to exceed the most stringent ANSI requirements

Obsolescence Add Up

Outdated technology is surprisingly costly to maintain.  Asbestos arc chutes, bushings, and arc gases can create environmental and safety liabilities.  Dielectric deterioration of moisture-absorbing components (bushings) reduces reliability; replacement parts are often expensive and hard to locate.  Demanding maintenance procedures and safety concerns add significantly to operating costs.

When compared to an air magnetic circuit breaker retrofit, PowlVac® replacement circuit breakers significantly reduce spare parts costs and
out-of-service time.


State-of-the-Art Technology

Powell just eliminated obsolescence.  Upgrading your outdated equipment with PowlVac® replacement circuit breakers allows you to take advantage of the latest in vacuum interrupter technology for optimum reliability and performance.

More Than a Retrofit

There is no need to convert or refurbish your existing circuit breaker.  The PowlVac® replacement circuit breaker is not a retrofit.  It is a factory designed and tested new replacement.  All of the components, including bushings are new and designed for complete mechanical and electrical interchangeability with your existing circuit breaker.


Safety and Performance

Every PowlVac® replacement circuit breaker meets or exceeds the latest ANSI standards.  Design momentary and interrupting current tests are performed by an independent high current test laboratory; design B.I.L. tests and continuous current tests are performed at the Powell laboratory in an OEM cell.  Production testing includes 300 mechanical operatons, contact resistance, hipot, timing and vacuum integrity.

Safety interlocks inherent to the original switchgear design (and required by ANSI) are maintained.


Designed for Direct Replacement

PowlVac® 5kV & 15kV replacement breakers are designed to replace existing 5kV (26 inch and 36 inch wide) and 15kV, 36 inch wide
Magneblast Type AM vertical lift air circuit breakers.  They include new frames, bushings, interlock mechanisms, and secondary disconnects, ready for immediate installation into your existing equipment.

Our PowlVac® DHP replacement circuit breakers are designed with direct replacement capability.  Powell vacuum replacement circuit breakers correctly interface with existing cell switches (MOC & TOC).


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